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Activate to educate.
Play, have fun and learn.

Play, have fun and learn at the Acteboard activity table.

When children play and learn, the classroom becomes a wondorous place and education abounds at each activity table.

When it comes to learning, the research is clear – children learn most effectively through play.

Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch…

When we play and learn, we rely on our senses to process information. The more we can employ our senses, the easier it is to learn something. Using multiple senses allows multiple cognitive connections with the concept.

The Acteboard activity table gives children the opportunity to play and learn effectively in this way. It provides all the equipment necessary, whether it’s practical –like a sink to hold bubbly water, or “big, bigger and biggest” buckets to fill with sand– or explorational, like the Discovery Pouch, which can hold all sorts of tactile, scented surprises.

Children love to play and to learn – and it comes naturally.

Lots of serious thinking has gone into the development of the Acteboard activity table. It is the culmination of years working with students of all abilities to understand their needs; and liaising with teachers, therapists and parents.

Our investment in research and development is ongoing and our product development team is enthuastic and knowledgable. They are always on a quest to invent new and exciting activities.

The fun experience of ‘play and learn’ at the Acteboard activity table is second-to-none!

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